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Name:For Lovers of a Submissive Harry
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For Lovers of a Submissive Harry
This is a community for lovers of a Submissive Harry Potter. It may contain het, slash and femme slash, of all ratings. If any of this squicks you, or it is illegal for you to view in your location, go find another comm.

We ask that, because of the sensitive nature of fan-created content in general and fan-created content containing adult content specifically, we ask that you take heed of the ratings and warnings and use them in both submitting fics and selecting fics to read.

Here is the actual LJ FAQ in relation to communities with occasional adult content:
If your community only contains occasional sexually explicit or adult material, such as the occasional nude photograph in a photography community, it is generally not necessary to restrict membership. However, these entries should be placed behind an an lj-cut tag and clearly contain a warning that they should not be viewed by minors.
For more information on the rules of engagement for this community, you can read this post.


  • Harry must be submissive in at least half of the fic. If you want to have switching!Harry, feel free, but he must be submissive at least half of the time. It is not required, but encouraged to warn if Harry is not submissive through the entire fic.

  • Slash, het and femmeslash are all allowed. However, somewhere in the fic, Harry must be submissive.

  • Submission does not always have to be sexually related. If you want to write/draw Harry as submissive to Snape in Potions class, then that is fine.

  • Just because this community is called [community profile] bottom_harry, it doesn't mean that it's going to be bottom!Harry. "Bottom" as the receptive partner is not the same as "Submissive" which is the partner who surrenders control.

  • Discussion of all things sub!Harry are welcome (and encouraged).

  • Please do not link to fic or art to your personal journal if it's f-locked

  • Plagiarism, and by plagiarism I mean taking others words without crediting them and/or asking permission (citing for published works/permission for other fanworks) is NOT ALLOWED. Any confirmed plagiarist is subject to banning based on the moderator's discretion.

  • Do not advertise your community. If you have made a new community, try sending a tip in to [community profile] daily_snitch, [profile] hogwarts_today or [community profile] quibbler_report.

  • Do not search for fic. There are plenty of communities created solely for that purpose, such as [profile] hp_ficsearch, [profile] hpstoryfinders and [profile] hd_ficsearch.

  • This list is subject to change

Posting Guidelines

  • In the subject header, please put the title of your fic/art and the pairings in full in brackets.

    • For example: Fic: Love is Blind [Snape/Harry] or Art: To Be Bound [Neville/Harry]

  • Please place all fic/art behind a livejournal cut. Headers should be visible to the comm.

  • If your fic/art contains sexually explicit material, it must be hosted somewhere else and the link to the actual entry must be behind the LJ cut.
    For Example:
    Link to Off-site Content
    (make sure you click the lj-cut above to see exactly what I'm talking about)
  • All discussion longer than two paragraphs should also be placed behind a cut.

Posting Format for Authors

Author: Your pen name.
Title: The title of your fic.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Pairing/s: List the main pairing/s.
Other pairing/s: If applicable. Includes all het and/or slash side ships.
Summary: A quick run down for the reader.
Word Count: Give the reader an idea of how long it is.
Warnings: Be specific. One person's kink is another's squick.
Notes: Any author notes or thank yous go here.

Code here:

Posting Format for Artists

Artist: Your name.
Title: Title of piece if applicable
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Pairing/s: List the main pairing/s.
Other pairing/s: If applicable. Includes all het and/or slash side ships
Medium: Medium used for pic. How did you draw/colour it?
Inspired by fic: If your pic was inspired by or is from a fanfic, please link the fic in question
Warnings: Be specific. One person's kink is another's squick
Notes: If you have anything to add

Code here:

This community is maintained by [personal profile] slashpervert and [personal profile] ethelnorthbrook, who can also be reached at:

Banner and layout by our style moderator [personal profile] dk_labyrinth

We also maintain affliated Harry_Submits communities at both and

Harry Potter is sole property of J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, WB, and the countless other entities who have purchased licenses, copyright, and trademark under international law and the laws governing their sovereign. Neither the mod, nor the authors or artists of this community, take credit for the brilliance of J.K. Rowling's creation or assume any ownership of material herein.
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